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Everyone Needs a Helping hand at Times

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// Sometimes life can be tough, but so are you...//

Let us bring the light to the darkest corner on the street for the homeless people. They need your helping hand to make it through.

Just $3,600NTD (~$130USD) will help us provide a week of food,medical supplies and stable housing for a homeless person in Taipei.

Homeless people require stable housing, employment counseling, welfare coordination, medical care, legal aid services and meaningful social connections to break free from the cycle of homelessness and pave a path forward for themselves."



// Pave the way for the homeless people to return to society //

In 2014, Homeless Taiwan Association began to offer direct services to the homeless via a supportive network consists of shelter (including the first female-only shelter), welfare coordination, employment counselling, legal aid and outreach services … etc. It also founded some innovative programs including Homeless Experience, Hidden Taipei (walking tour), The Living Library (lecture), Strive for Life (street game), Lecture on the Street (educational materials for teenagers), Homeless Life Stories in Hong Kong & Taiwan (photo exhibition) … etc promoting public awareness of poverty and homeless issues. All programs are aiming to be the base of the two pillars - “Public Communication” and “Enable them to Self-sufficient”. Homeless Taiwan Association hopes to help build networks and enhance the understanding about poverty. Also empower the disadvantages we served not just be able to be self-sufficient but also willing to voice themselves.






// Our Information  //
No. 50, Yajiang St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108

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